Return of the Reward Programme for UK Developers

UK Developer Rewards Programme

In case any of you were not aware of this:

As part of the continued effort to encourage developers to build and publish apps in the Windows Phone marketplace, Microsoft have re-launched the Windows Phone Developer Reward Programme. The programme is simple. Successfully publish a unique and original app in the Windows Phone Marketplace and the developer will be rewarded with one point. The developer can then decide to redeem their point for a 12 month magazine subscription or Gyro Stealth Flyer Remote Control Helicopter (more options available also). The developer can earn up to 4 points and redeem a PocketCinema Projector, XBOX360 Console or 22 inch LED TV. Only catch is that they must successfully publish their apps in the Windows Phone marketplace between now and the end of January 2012.

This reward programme is free to register and is open for all (including students). The developer will just need to have their own AppHub membership. So, help us spread the word and encourage your customers to developer an app for the Windows Phone marketplace this holiday season and get rewarded!!!

Programme Registration –

Frequently Asked Questions –

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