Leave NDC London with a better app

WPUG will be at NDC London helping support the community area.

At the very core of the reason for the existence of WPUG is the desire to help more people produce better apps and so we wanted to do something appropriate as part of this “festival for developers”.

To this end we’re offering a number of app consultations/reviews to attendees.

These will be, up to, one hour sessions to review existing apps and provide feedback and suggest possible enhancements.

If you’re attending, have an app in the store and would like to spend some time finding practical ways to improve your app then this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Sessions will be conducted with Matt Lacey (WPUG organiser) who has over 3 and a half years of experience working with Windows Phone as both a designer and developer.
Not sure what he can do for you? Here are some comments from others who have had his input on their apps.

“In the early stages of developing and building Foundbite, Matt was a great help. While testing the app he supplied me with a large amount of detailed feedback in many areas, such as design, usability and development. Tapping his extensive knowledge of Windows Phone was invaluable.”

– James Mundy, Foundbite

“Matt’s expertise on the Windows Phone platform has provided us at Pepper with some very valuable feedback.  Whether the feedback is small items such as an incorrect label, a slight misalignment, or even suggestions on how other apps are handling similar scenarios.  Matt’s feedback and reviews of Pepper have been a much needed part of our development process.”

– David Hamilton, Pepper

“The advice I received was thorough and questioned a few decisions I had made without a second thought as to how they affected my User Experience. Matt critiques a design with the benefit of experience built on multiple high profile apps across several years. His expertise and keen attention to even the smallest detail helped me in not only improving the app in question but in training myself to identify important considerations for future work.”

– Jay Bennett, WPCentral

You can also find some, anonymized, examples of specific feedback he’s previously provided on his blog.

Spaces are limited and are available to those who respond first. Please get in touch if you are interested.

What do we want from you in return?

We’d like you to share your experience of the consultation. Initially that can be a quote summarizing your thoughts on the experience. If you end up with an app you’d like to show off to a wider audience we’d love to hear more about your app at a future meeting too.

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