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We’re having a hackathon.

Some of you may remember the “publish” hackathons that Microsoft held last year. We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at UI Centric and taken inspiration from last years events to do something similar on Saturday April 18th.

We wanted create an event that is all about submitting to the store. Hence the name.
Tinkering with code and occasionally working towards releasing or updating an app is fine, but actually releasing something is much better. You learn more and other people can actually benefit from using it when your app has been released.

Many of us lead busy lives and finding the time to work on what are often side projects can be difficult. We recognise that having some specific time set aside, away from distractions, to work on your project can be really helpful and productive. That’s why we’ve created this event.

Whether you’re working on your first app or updating one of many apps you’ve had in the store for years you’ll be equally welcome.

And if you submit a new app or update on the day you’ll get:
– help submitting your app (if you need it)
– help with code or design (if you need it)
– food and drink (so you can concentrate on your app)
– somewhere to work without distraction. Power and WiFi provided.
– some goodies : but only if you submit!
– the chance to take home a new device : but only if you submit!

This isn’t an event to come and listen to talks at. It’s not a place to just hang out and chat. We want this to be a place where people are motivated to crack on and release and/or update apps.

Please register on meetup if you want to come and be sure to answer the questions on the registration page when you do sign up.

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