Two quick reminders

Firstly, on Saturday (20th) it’s the “Windows Apps JumpStart LIVE Series: Publish Hackathon”. More details and registration via

Then, on Wednesday (24th) we’ll be hearing about Azure Mobile Services and Application Insights. If you haven’t heard of Application Insights before check out this article  More details and registration on Meetup – so we know how many are coming and can order food and drink accordingly (There’s NO NEED to register on both)

I hope to see you at one or both of the above.

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Help to finish or improve your app

At the May and June events, engineers from Microsoft’s Windows App Consult team attended.  These engineers work in Microsoft’s Global Business Support organisation providing assistance to Microsoft’s developer customers across the UK and Europe. The Windows App Consult team help developers ensure they have a quality application and can help with development issues, debugging, troubleshooting and reviewing apps. They can also highlight design issues and generally provide tips on how to improve applications.

Most of you said having a service like this would be useful so I’m working with Microsoft on the best way to secure us some resource and ensure the time is best utilised. Although useful to have an engineer at the event, we could probably make better use of time and provide more value to you by considering booking engineers for Remote App Consultation. This would mean that instead to getting 20-30 mins to discuss your application at the event, you can request a Remote App Consultation, which would give you individual time with an Engineer for up to 3 hours.  This time could be used more flexibly over phone and email to provide you with assistance.  Please note that depending on availability and the nature of your request it may take a few days to line somebody up to help you.

If you’ve got an app that’s almost finished or you need helping improving an app you’ve already released you can request a review by filling in the form at

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Now we are 4! Thank you to all who’ve helped us get here

Yes, 4 years ago today we held our first meeting. There have been 42 others since and number 44 will be on Wednesday.


While I’ve done most of the organisation there are many, many people who’ve been instrumental in making it a success. Whether that was with speaking, finding venues or helping on the day.

Thanks to:

Alan, Ali, Andrew F, Andy W, Apurva, Arivind, Arlene, Ashraf, Ben P, Boryana, Brandon, Cain, Chris S, Colin E, Dan S, Dan U, Daniel, Dave C, Dave H, David T, David W, Dean E, Derrick, Dominique L, George B, Gergely, Gill C, Glenn E, Glynn J, Hermit D, Hosain, Ian G, Iris C, Jaime K, James M, the other James M, Jay B, Jeffrey, Jim C, Johan, John C, Jonathan S, Laith, Lawrence, Lewis, Louis, Mark, Mark R, Martin B, Martin W, Melville, Michael J, Michelle, Mike H, Mike O, Mike T, Neil, Neil R, Ollie, Pat L, Patrick S, Paul F, Paul H, Paul L, Paul M, Pete, Pete V, Phil W, Rafe, Riaz, Rich, Richard C, the other Richard C, Rob F, Rob L, Sam, Sandra S, Sara A, Sebastian W, Sergey, Simon J, Simon R, Stuart H, Stuart L, Sumith, Tolu, Tristan, Wesley and Will
And probably many others I’ve forgotten/missed-sorry. You’re all marvelous!

It just wouldn’t have been the same without you all.

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New Developer Economics Report

Download the report

So, you’re an app developer. Want to know what the developer landscape looks like? Curious what other developers are doing? Wondering how the categories you build apps for compare with others? Inquisitive about how your app income compares?

All this and more can be discovered in the latest “State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014” report from Developer Economics.

Download it from:


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Who comes to our meetings?

Developers like you!

Graph showing types of apps devs are creating


Lots of apps of all different kinds are being created. Why not share about your experiences at a meeting so we can all learn from each other.

If you’re interested in demoing your app at a meeting please get in touch.



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Windows Apps Consultation available to attendees of next meeting

At the London leg of the recent //publish/ event Microsoft had some staff in attendance who held drop in sessions to help with any development related questions. These were so popular they’ve offered to do a similar thing before our meeting next week (May 28th).

Come along to a trial Windows App Consult drop in session where you can meet with a member of Microsoft’s Global Business Support team.  Bring along your design, coding and troubleshooting topics to get advice and guidance from the guys that deliver support to Microsoft’s developer customers.  This will start from 5PM, before the main meeting, and continue through the evening.

For the sake of clarity this applies to your Windows and Windows Phone apps.

There’s no need to book, just turn up from 5pm for some extra assistance, if you need it, and then stay for the meeting afterwards.

As a trial we’re interested in your feedback on this. Thanks.

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Andy Wigley & Application Developers Alliance at next meeting

Our next meeting is on May 28th and will again be at

We’ll be hearing about the Application Developers Alliance and we’ll also be joined by Andy Wigley (from Microsoft) who will be recapping the highlights of the recent Windows Phone 8.1 Jumpstart and telling us all we need to know about universal apps.

If you can make it, it’ll be great to see you there.

If you’re planning to come it helps us plan catering if you can let us know. Please register via eventbrite OR meetup to let us know your intention.

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//PUBLISH/ London – May 17th

If you’re working on your 1st app or your 101st, if it’s a new app or an update to an existing app, if it’s for Phone or Windows then //PUBLISH/ is the event for you.

What is it?
Worldwide, Microsoft are holding a number of events on the 16th and 17th of May to help people publish new or updated apps.
In London there will be an all-day (9am – 9pm) event on Saturday the 17th.

Why should you come?
There will be experts on hand to help with whatever aspects you need help with. Be it design, development, marketing or testing, experts from Microsoft will be on hand to help you out.
There will be goodie bags for all who submit their app to the store during the event.
There will also be prizes of devices for the best apps submitted on the day. (Separate categories for Windows & Phone and new & established developers mean that whatever your level of experience or the platform you’re targeting there is a good chance for you to leave with a prize.)
Whether you finish on the day or not, you’ll also be eligible for entry into the worldwide competition where the grand prize is a trip to the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.
As you’d expect there will also be food and refreshments provided throughout the day.

Are you:
• someone building your first Phone app?
• someone building your first Windows (Store) app?
• someone building a new app (Phone or Windows) but having previously published other apps?
• someone porting an app from Windows to Phone?
• someone porting an app from Phone to Windows?
• someone updating an existing app (Phone or Windows) to add new features?
• someone updating an existing app (Phone or Windows) to target a newer version of the OS?

Then you can benefit from attending.

How to register?
Go to and enter your details. (You’ll also find more information about the event there too.)

See you there.

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Senior WP8 dev opportunity in London

Having recently hired a WP8 Developer into a contract position an award winning Digital Agency in Central London now need a more senior developer for a separate 6 week project.

The spec is as follows:

Essential Skills:
– Solid knowledge of WP8 framework.
– Comfortable working with XAML and Blend (good knowledge of animation and UI layout, although not the main focus).
– Experience building both WP8 and Windows 8 applications.
– Experience with Bluetooth connectivity.

Beneficial Skills:
– Desirable experience with NFC.
– Understanding of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, TCP and UDP communication protocols applied to WP8 and Windows 8.
– Xbox One knowledge is a big plus (whether it’s knowledge about connectivity, Xbox Live, Xbox mechanics, or Smart Glass connectivity).
– App-to-App communication and App-to-Device communication techniques is a plus.
– Code Sharing techniques between WP8 and Windows 8 is a big plus.

This will be working on a Device Connectivity project with the rate entirely dependent on experience.

They require an immediate starter and can hold face to face interviews in Central London as soon as tomorrow.

For more info contact – +44 (0) 203 0510 247

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VSERV slides from last week

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