How was it for you?

I know the group’s been very quiet for a while. And, even though life’s been getting in the way, I’ve not forgotten about it.
There’s a possibility of something later in the year (more details when I have them) but for now, I have a question for you.
It doesn’t matter if you came to one meeting or dozens.
You may have been to the recent meetings or not been for years.
Whatever your situation, I’d love to hear from you.

How, why, and was attending past meetings a good thing for you?

I have my own thoughts based on “running” the group for 7+ years and had lots of positive and a few negative experiences along the way. (Maybe I’ll share them if you’re interested.) But, good or bad, I want to hear from you.

Here are a few deeper questions if you have the time to give a longer answer but any response will be appreciated.

  • Did you come just out of curiosity and to gain wider knowledge?
  • Was it a way to learn or hear about something specific?
  • Did you come with specific goals from attending? and were those goals met or achieved?
  • Was it just an opportunity to pass the time with some free beer and pizza?
  • Did the promise of freebies (SWAG) impact your choice to attend?
  • How would your apps (and even your life) be different if you’d not come or the meetings had never happened?
  • Is what you learned at past meetings still relevant or have you moved onto other things with no direct connection to Windows [Phone] apps?
  • What persuaded you to come the first time?
  • If you were nervous about attending at any time, why?
  • Did anything happen or change to stop you wanting to come back?
  • Would future meetings be interesting to you?
  • What was the best thing about having attended in the past?
  • Which meeting and for what reason (subject, speaker, location, whatever) was your favourite?



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