“Living in a mango world” summary

Last night was the 11th meeting of the Windows Phone User Group and it was another successful event.

Matt gives the intro

About 40 of us filled the basement of our regular venue (Juno bar in Shoreditch) to talk #WP7Dev.

This month we heard from a number of people demoing apps they had made plus sharing some of the lessons learnt in their creation and their plans for new updates and features using the Mango tools.

First up was Mark Rendle who showed Pocket C#. This was one of the winners of RedGate’s WP7Comp.

“Good time at @wpug! Big thanks to @mrlacey for organising and to all WPUGees! See you next month!” – verysoftware

Secondly Paul Marsh showed us Steam Achievements.

“@pauliom great talk at @wpug and really useful app for steam addicts. The website is really great as well to showcase the app” –Mendzapp

Next up was KeyboardP who showed us 2 simple apps he’d released (including Songs Alike) as part of an experiment into application optimization. He also shared some very interesting tips on application pricing.

What a lovely crowd

After a short break, Paul and Ben from LedaEntertainment demoed InterSceptre and AstroSwag

“Awesome evening at the @WPUG meetup, met some great people and heard some very interesting info! Thanks all!” – roybott

Andrew Fraser shared some of his experiences around translating/localizing apps as well as text to speech and speech to text conversions that were part of several projects including Free Wikipedia Viewer. He also pointed us to http://wp7resxlocgenerator.codeplex.com/

To finish the evening James Mundy gave us a demo of Travelnapp

The evening didn’t end there though. Many of us stayed to chat and share development tips, tricks and experiences late into the night.

Unfortunately we had a bit of noise coming down from the band playing upstairs but the presenters all coped marvellously. We will be doing everything we can to prevent this affecting us at future events.

“Had a good time with @Andy_Gore, @ngmagill, @lookitskris, @keyboardP (very briefly), @kudresov and the @verysoftware guys at tonight’s @wpug” – GergelyOrosz

Videos of each of the demos will, hopefully, be available soon. Meanwhile, why not download the apps and try them for yourself.

“Just got back from @wpug. Had a great time as always. Nice meeting everyone!” – keyboardp

Details of July’s event will be announced shortly…

An appropriate sign on the wall

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2 Responses to “Living in a mango world” summary

  1. Ben says:

    Great meet, thanks for making us very welcome and letting us demo AstroSwag and InterSceptre (and all the feedback that followed) – some very cool apps, got us thinking a lot for future releases! Looking forward to the next one… just hope there’s no band!

  2. Okay, so i learnt never try and demo a speech recognition technology while their is a band playing up stairs… But just to prove it works i have a video now here http://wp7.apporista.com/free-whatis/ and you can download it with this zune link http://social.zune.net/redirect?type=phoneApp&id=96176725-2ba0-e011-986b-78e7d1fa76f8 to try it for yourself.

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