Meeting #20 – March 21st

Yes, we’ve reached double figures for the second time!

Continuing with our theme from last month, we’ll be continuing to look beyond Windows Phone and the lessons we can learn from other platforms and the lessons, knowledge and experiences we can take with us if we take Windows Phone apps to other platforms too.
A couple of WPUG regulars will be sharing their experiences:
Stuart will be talking about his experiences with creating an MVVM solution that also works with MonoTouch & MonoDroid
Paul will be talking about his experiences of porting applications between iPhone and Windows Phone and vice versa.

As ever, we’re also providing the opportunity for people to demonstrate the apps they’ve made and share some of their experiences and lessons learnt. We have a couple lined up, but if you have an app you want to show or an experience you want to share then please get in touch.

If you’re planning on coming, please head on over to Eventbrite or MeetUp to register.

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