//PUBLISH/ London – May 17th

If you’re working on your 1st app or your 101st, if it’s a new app or an update to an existing app, if it’s for Phone or Windows then //PUBLISH/ is the event for you.

What is it?
Worldwide, Microsoft are holding a number of events on the 16th and 17th of May to help people publish new or updated apps.
In London there will be an all-day (9am – 9pm) event on Saturday the 17th.

Why should you come?
There will be experts on hand to help with whatever aspects you need help with. Be it design, development, marketing or testing, experts from Microsoft will be on hand to help you out.
There will be goodie bags for all who submit their app to the store during the event.
There will also be prizes of devices for the best apps submitted on the day. (Separate categories for Windows & Phone and new & established developers mean that whatever your level of experience or the platform you’re targeting there is a good chance for you to leave with a prize.)
Whether you finish on the day or not, you’ll also be eligible for entry into the worldwide competition where the grand prize is a trip to the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.
As you’d expect there will also be food and refreshments provided throughout the day.

Are you:
• someone building your first Phone app?
• someone building your first Windows (Store) app?
• someone building a new app (Phone or Windows) but having previously published other apps?
• someone porting an app from Windows to Phone?
• someone porting an app from Phone to Windows?
• someone updating an existing app (Phone or Windows) to add new features?
• someone updating an existing app (Phone or Windows) to target a newer version of the OS?

Then you can benefit from attending.

How to register?
Go to http://aka.ms/publishuk1 and enter your details. (You’ll also find more information about the event there too.)

See you there.

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