Back to basics with Visual Studio and lessons in app development – Feb 25th

While thinking about what’s coming in Windows 10 can be exciting, it’s also sometimes good to go back to basics and make sure we understand and are making best use of the tools we have available to us.

Visual Studio is a really powerful tool, with more features than I’m sure any of us realise, so this month, we’re going to have a look at some of them.

We’ll be joined by Mike and Peter from Microsoft and they’ll each be showing us 10 tips in a particular area of the program that will enable us to be more effective and build better apps with less effort
If you think you really know an area/feature of Visual Studio well and want to share your tips too then please get in touch as well. The more we share the more we all learn.

Windows 10 is looking to be a trigger that causes lots of people to build brand new apps or rebuild existing apps from scratch. Similarly, some of us will be building our first apps for Windows 10.
With this in mind it’ll be great if we can help each other avoid the mistakes of our past. If you’ve built any number of apps before then I’m sure you’ve learnt things in the process. What have you learnt that you wish you’d known when you started? By sharing these insights we’ll save each other time and help build even better apps.

All this plus the opportunity for app demos too. If you want to talk about your app then get in touch. Even if you don’t want to demonstrate it yourself but have released or updated an app lately, please leave the details below and we’ll spread the word about what you’re up to.

If you’re planning on coming please register on Meetup so that we have an idea of how many to expect and can organise catering appropriately.

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