What happens when you get 25 developers in a room for a day? (Submit-It!)

Submit-It! attendees

A. They submit 25 apps to the store.

Well that’s what we did on the Saturday just gone. There were a mixture of new apps, apps updated to support Windows 10 (mobile and desktop as a single UWP) and other updates to existing Windows8.1 and Windows Phone apps.
These are (most of–some are stuck in certification) the apps in question.

Simple Maths
Izaak's Favourite Things
Fun Basic
BasketCoach Stats
Quick! Theme my band!
Soundicity SEPic
My Shelf
Have I been p0wned?
Mqtt Monitor
Video Games Vault
Films to watch lite
Cineworld Film Showings
Hexpand TechnoBapple Quiz-Me
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