Testing on a real device

We’d all like to have a device to test apps on. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough to go round.

There are a couple of options open to us though.

If you want to see what your application looks like when run on an actual device then if you send the XAP file to Mike Ormond he’ll create a video of it in action and post it online for you to see. You can find more details on his blog.

If that doesn’t quite meet your needs and you’d like some time with a device yourself then Microsoft have another offer that may be of interest to you. On various dates in the next few weeks they will be holding development labs in their London offices. These labs will offer you a half day with access to a device to deploy and test your app plus a member of Microsoft staff on hand to offer some assistance. Once again, there are more details on Mike’s blog.
If you can’t make it to London they also plan to visit other locations as well.

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