Submit-It! – The Apps

Last weekend we organised the Submit-It! hackathon.
It was one day of people finishing and then submitting apps to the Windows and Windows Phone stores.

During the day the apps that were submitted (either as updates or new apps) are:

Beerweiser for Windows Phone
Bikometer for Windows Phone
Castle Hill Crash for Windows Phone
Clock24hr-M for Windows Phone
Hexpand for Windows
Izaak's fAvourite Things for Windows
and Windows Phone
LondonLive for Windows Phone
Match The Pairs for Windows Phone
Milestone Planner for Windows
Music Central Preview for Windows Phone
MV Buddy for Windows
and Windows Phone
Phone Book for Windows Phone
Quarterback Club for Windows Phone
Relative History for Windows
and Windows Phone
UV for Windows Phone

If you want to find out more, Jay has written a blog post about the day and there are lots of pictures on meetup.

As the day proved so popular we’ll probably do something similar again.


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